Pronunciation Training Techniques

Two pronunciation training techniques to develop an American accent. AJ Hoge teaches you what to do each day in order to improve your English pronunciation. Use these techniques with any audio from a native speaker. In general, start by practicing with short audios. You can even use this video with the techniques.

In a previous video, you learned that listening carefully is the very first step for pronunciation improvement. You must first learn to hear the small but important sounds of American English. You need to hear the rhythm of English, the changes in pitch, changes in loudness (stress), and those difficult vowel and consonant sounds.

Effortless English Pronunciation is an ear training method. You learn to speak with a perfect American accent by training like a jazz musician. First you train your ears to hear all of the “music” of English. Next you learn to create this “music” correctly yourself– first slowly, then faster and faster.

In this way, you train your ears, and also the muscles in your mouth, tongue, throat, and abdomen. You learn to FEEL the correct American accent- and create it automatically. You do this every time you speak.

Enjoy the video and use the two techniques to improve your pronunciation daily!

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