Selling Like Hotcakes!

Posted in Blog on October 29 by AJ

“Selling like hotcakes”  is an old slang phrase that means “selling a lot, very fast”.

Well, Kristin and Joe’s Real Conversation Lessons are selling like hotcakes!

Even more exciting for, members really love their new lessons.  They’re so happy you are enjoying them!

If you haven’t gotten their new Real Conversation Lessons yet, now is the time.  Remember, we have a one time only discount right now.  The discount ends November 8th and we will never offer another one. (In fact, due to rising costs, we may be raising the price of all of our lessons soon).

Finally, here are answers to a few questions we’ve had about the new Real Conversation Lessons:

1. Are these different from the Original Lesson Pack?

Yes, these are different, separate lessons…. and a separate company.     The new Real Conversation Lessons use the same Effortless English system, but the stories and conversations are completely new and the teachers are different.  We fully support Kristin and Joe- they are great teachers.

Disclosure- we are an affiliate of Learn Real English.

2. What if I don’t immediately get an email with a download link?

First, check your spam/bulk/jail folder in your email.   Sometimes your email company will mistakenly send our email to this folder (because our email comes from an automatic computer response).   So please check your bulk/spam/jail folder if you don’t see our email in your Inbox.

Also, its best to use a personal (not company) email address when buying the lessons.  Some companies have firewalls that block automatic emails completely–   so please use a personal email address when you buy the lessons.

3. Use The Members Forums for more questions

If you have other questions, please ask them in the members forums.  This is one of the great things about being a member.  We have a lot of expert members now and they are very happy to help you.  Also,  several of our teachers and partners are now on the forums, including me, Tomoe, Joe, and Kristin.

More Lessons Coming

We’re very happy that our new lessons are so popular.  The response from members has been fantastic!  We’re glad you agree that these are our best lessons yet!

But more good stuff is coming soon.   I am personally working on my next Lesson Pack- and I’m very excited about it!   I have completed 8 full lesson sets already, and go back into the recording studio next month to record more….

Thanks To Our Great Members

Finally, I want to thank our incredible members.  You help us improve and get better.  Your ideas, your energy, your enthusiasm– they inspire us to constantly improve.   You make us better teacher!

Thank you!

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“The Effortless English system helped me to became a confident English speaker and this created for me a lot of opportunities.”  

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