Seminar Report BKK Jan 25

Posted in Blog on January 26 by AJ

Wow!  Bangkok rocks!

Yesterday’s seminar in Bangkok was fantastic.  The learners who came to the seminar were energetic, fun, happy, and enthusiastic!   They jumped!  They danced!  They yelled!  They learned!

It was my privilege to teach such fantastic people.  Thank you so much!

Because this class was so great- I was inspired to give 100% of my energy.  I also jumped, sweated, danced, learned, and taught!

And I killed my voice in the process!   Next time, I might actually use a microphone 😉

While we all had a great time, more importantly, we learned.  We learned how to learn English faster and more powerfully.  We learned about the “three levels of learning”, and how to learn at the deepest level.   We learned how to get English “in our blood”.

We learned how to study so that we will speak English easily and automatically– without thinking, without translating.

We also learned about “Happy Grammar”– how to learn grammar intuitively and actually enjoy it!!   What an amazing idea!

Finally, we learned that our emotions are extremely important– the stronger our positive emotions while studying, the faster and deeper we learn, the longer we remember, and the better we will speak.

Today, I’m resting…  and trying not to talk in order to heal my voice 🙂    But I’m also thinking.  I’m thinking about the successes of the Jan 25th seminar (always focus on the successes first!).

And I’m thinking about how to improve and expand the seminar.  My goals are:

To Extend the Seminar to 8 full hours!
Maybe we’ll even have a real lunch break!  😉

To Increase the Energy, Movement, and Power of the Emotions during the Seminar!

To Add More Topics, such as:
How to increase motivation
How to set English learning goals
How to create a daily English study plan
How to use movies (and maybe a “Movie Technique” demo by me)
Expand Promotion to Attract More People
I’m ready to teach more people, so we must find ways to attract more learners to the seminars.

We are now working to schedule one more seminar in Bangkok this year.  Right now, I’m looking at Sunday, March 8th.  This week we’ll go by the Royal Hotel and try to book a room.  We’ll be booking a bigger room this time– and expect a larger class at the next seminar!   Please come again, and bring a lot of friends!

But it doesn’t end then.  Tomoe and I are already talking about other countries we’d like to visit.   We’ll definitely be doing one or more seminars in Osaka/Kansai Japan this year.

We’d like to visit other countries as well, but to do that we need members in those countries who will help organize a Conference Room, Promotion, and Registration.  If you would like us to come to your city, please volunteer on the Member Forums to help organize a seminar.  If you help organize it, we will come!

OK–  I look forward to seeing more of you live, in-person, this year!

Meanwhile, Enjoy Your English Learning!

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