True Education | Louis L’Amour

True education is available to anyone.  We live in a golden age for independent self education.  Learn how to create your own amazing education in this Effortless English Show.  Host AJ Hoge teaches you how to get a world-class education for very little money.

“Today you can buy the Dialogues of Plato for less than you would spend on a fifth of whiskey; or Gibbon’s Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire for the price of a cheap shirt.  You can buy a fair beginning of an education in any bookstore with a good stock of books for less than you would spend on a week’s supply of gasoline.”

“True Education should provide the tools for a widening and deepening of life, for increased appreciation of all one sees or experiences.  It should equip a person to live life well, to understand what is happening about him, for to live life well one must live with awareness.”

“Ours was a family in which everybody was constantly reading and where literature, politics, history, and the events of the prize ring were discussed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”


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