A lot of people have been telling me to “Twitter”.  They tell me I need to create a Twitter account and that I need to send out Twitter updates everyday… so that members and subscribers can follow what I’m doing.

Well, I resisted doing this for a long time,… but I finally created a Twitter account.  My profile is:

But I still have a problem.   I don’t know how to use Twitter in a useful and interesting way.  Most of the twitter updates I have seen from other people are boring and kind of stupid, to be honest.

So please help me.   Give me suggestions.  Give me your ideas.

Answer the question:  How can I use Twitter in a way that is interesting and useful for Effortless English subscribers and member?   What kind of short dialy updates would be interesting or helpful to you?

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do it several ways (first create a Twitter account at, then.. ) :

1. Follow Online
Get a Twitter Account– then go to my profile page and click “Follow”. My Twitter profile is:

2. Follow With Your Mobile Device
Get a Twitter Account,… then go to my profile page and click follow: My Mobile profile page is at:

3. Follow With SMS Text (for US & Canada Only):
Send to 40404 this text message : “follow Ajhoge1”

I hope you can think of an interesting use for this service–  because right now, I have no idea!  Help!!