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Your Life Purpose | What is The Mission?

Posted in Effortless English Show, Practical Philosophy on June 4 by AJ

What is your life purpose? Do you know?

Why is it important to have a life purpose or a life mission?  Because a lot of people feel lost,  like they’re trying to achieve goals but then they actually don’t feel much happier.  Maybe they’re a little excited for a short time and then that feeling of excitement or happiness goes away.

I’ll give you an example of this for myself.  When I was a runner I did a few marathons.  It was always fun to train for a marathon because, of course ,when I was training for a marathon it was not just the one day of the race.   But actually like six months before the race I had training.  It gave me a lot of motivation. It gave me a clear goal to focus on.  It was very motivating.

But what’s the problem? The problem is that then the race ended.  So I’d run the race and I achieved my goal.  Then what happens is you can lose motivation.  Your goal is finished. You think “well now what do I do?”  So the power of goals is they are very specific. But this is also their weakness.

And this is why you also need a mission or a purpose.  It’s best if you can make one mission or purpose.

What is a purpose or a mission exactly?  Well it it answers the question why.  What we need is a big mission that inspires us.  And that mission must focus on contribution.  In other words, your mission must focus mostly on helping other people.  I think this is a spiritual law, a dharmic law.   Somehow love and serving and contributing and helping others super energizes us far more than trying to just benefit only ourselves.  If you’re a parent you understand this.  You will do things for your child that you won’t do for yourself.  You will suffer for your child in a way you won’t suffer for yourself. You’ll work harder for your child than you will for yourself.  This is a general spiritual idea that serving others, and at the highest level serving God,  is the highest purpose.  It is the most inspiring.

But you need to be a little more specific.   You must answer the question “how” you will help other people.   There are many ways to help people.  The best thing to do is to focus on your strengths and your life experiences.   How can you UNIQUELY help others?   And at the highest level, how can you uniquely serve God?

I’ll give you an example.

This is the Mission of Effortless English (and my own personal mission):

To Explore New Opportunities For Growth

To Bring Confidence, Vitality, and Happiness To People All Over The World

To Boldly Go Where We Have Never Gone Before

Anything I do in life I want to focus on growing and learning.  It means always trying to become a better person.  That’s what growth.  So I’m always looking for new chances to grow to become a better person.  And in Effortless English, we (members and fans) are all focused on personal growth, lifelong learning, and becoming better people.

The next sentence is all about contribution.   It’s about what can I do for other people:   bring confidence, vitality, and happiness to people all over the world.   This is my own unique way of contributing to others.  I have always been a high-energy person.  This is a natural strength.  So I focus on using that strength to help other people.   You may have different strengths– and thus you can help people in different ways.  Use what you have.  Your mission should come from your heart and soul.

The final sentence in the Effortless English Mission is about attitude.   It’s about my general life attitude– the mindset I have about my mission.  How will I bring confidence, vitality, and happiness to people all over the world?  How will I explore new opportunities for growth… and learning?   I will be bold.  Not calm.  Not timid.  Not careful.   I will boldly explore.  This part of my mission is about having an adventurous attitude.  You may have a different attitude you wish to focus on.  Perhaps you want to do your mission joyfully?  Or mindfully? The attitude should fit your natural personality.

And that’s my simple formula for creating your mission.

Sentence one is focused on yourself:  Your inner, personal mission.

Sentence two is focused on contribution: how you will help and serve others.

Sentence three is focused on your life attitude:  the emotion or mindset you will have as you do sentence one and two.

Think about these three points.  Brainstorm ideas about each one.

Then write out your own three sentence life mission statement.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  You can continue to work on it.   You can modify it.  Just get something written.

Final Step To Living Your Life Purpose

The final step is to write your personal mission in big letters.  Post it on your wall.   Tape it to your computer.  Put a small version in your wallet.

Every day, read it and say it out loud.  Memorize it.  Chant it with emotion.

Finally, as you go through your everyday life…  try to connect all of your activities to your mission.   Connect your goals to your mission.   If you go to the gym to exercise… ask yourself how that connects to your mission.  Maybe exercise will make you feel stronger, and you will use that extra strength to accomplish your mission.

This is the key to living a meaningful life.   When you do this, every activity in your life will have a higher purpose.   You will constantly feel inspired.   Your motivation will increase tremendously.   You will become enthusiastic and unstoppable.

Watch all of the video above.  In the video, I give you a lot more examples of how to make a great life mission.

Lots of Love,


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