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Learn English by focusing on content, not grammar.

What do I mean by content?  I mean, learn English by focusing on meaningful communication and meaningful information.

Most schools, and most students, focus on the mechanics of the language.  They study verb conjugations. They study the “rules” of prepositions.  They analyze the language as if it was a dead thing.

All of these traditional methods are analytical.

But English is not a dead thing to analyze- it is a living language.  It is a means of communication.

Your brain is naturally fantastic at learning languages.  Your brain is created to learn languages.  But you must learn in ways that are friendly to your brain.

If you bore your brain with rules, you will learn slowly.  If you try to analyze the language, you will learn slowly. If you try to memorize vocabulary, you will learn slowly. If you study textbooks and take tests, you will learn slowly.

Your brain is an English learning machine– use it correctly and you will learn faster!

Here’s how to make your brain happy and learn English faster:

  • Learn with stories.  Our brains love stories– its the oldest, most natural form of communication.
  • Focus on meaning, not form.  In other words, don’t worry about grammar rules. Focus instead on understanding and being understood.
  • Listen to the music of English carefully.  To improve pronunciation, listen very carefully to the intonation of English speakers– pretend you are listening to music.
  • Choose content you love.  Only listen to and read English content that is interesting, meaningful, or funny to you.   If you don’t enjoy it– find something else!
  • Read easy novels, not textbooks.  Again, the brain loves stories and hates boring drills.  Burn your textbooks…  read easy, fun, interesting English novels instead.  Read a lot of them!
  • Make friends, join a community.  English is for communication– so communicate with other English speakers!   Forget about mistakes. Forget about grammar. Just relax and communicate!

By smiling, having fun, and focusing on meaningful content, you will make your brain happy.  And a happy brain learns faster.

Use these brain friendly strategies to increase your English speaking improvement.

Enjoy and speak excellent English!

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    Dear – plz tell how to increase IELTS 5 to IELTS 8 ? If you know. I spend 9 month with your methods but still at same point – listened, readed a lot But IELTS something different Thanks askarkasymakunov@rambler.ru

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    Great!! thnks your idea is realy good

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    Plz Help me for learn English Fast Plz3

  • Naresh Varma

    Plz Help me to learn fast english.

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    You are a super man. Your advices is very powerfull and scientistic. I started to use them in 2-3 weeks , and My english improved. I am feelling, “I WILL SPEAK QUICKLY Near ”I started understanding what speaking. You are giving to me a powerfull possitive energy. Thanks for your advicess to me.. I hope, I wasn’t make any mistake in this my sentences .