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“Psychology is 80% of success, method is only 20%”

Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach

Most English learners are very intelligent.  Most are highly motivated when they begin.  Most students are very successful in school, in their jobs, in their businesses, and in their relationships.

So why do so many fail to speak English powerfully?

What is the problem.  Why do people who are normally so successful fail in this one area?

There are two answers to that question:

1. Bad Methods

2. Bad Psychology

Learn English- Methods & Psychology

I talk a lot about methods.  As you know, the grammar and textbook methods used in schools are terrible.  They are total failures.  Very few people will learn to speak English easily if they use those methods.  That’s why I developed the Effortless English system.  It is a system designed to help you speak and understand real English.

But even if you use my system, its not enough.   Tony Robbins is right– a great method is only 20% of success.  The other 80% is psychology.

Psychology means:  motivation, energy, beliefs, rules, standards, and emotions.   When learning English, psychology is very important.

To succeed as an excellent English speaker, you must learn to manage your emotions.  You must develop a psychology of success.

One key way to do this is to manage your emotional states.   In fact, this is probably the most important element of success psychology.  Poor emotional states will lead to failure, powerful emotional states lead automatically to success.  For example, if you are frequently tired, bored, or depressed–  you will struggle to study English consistently.  You will have poor concentration.  Your memory will be worse.  You will be more likely to quit, or to study in a distracted or lazy way.

You must learn to master your emotions.  You must be energetic, excited, enthusiastic, and passionate every time you study English.   Imagine– smiling and laughing every time you listen to English.  Imagine feeling energetic and extremely happy, every time you listen to English.   Would that make you study more? Would that make you learn faster?  Would your concentration be better?  Would you improve faster?  Yes– yes to all!

So how do you do it?  How do you get into a peak emotional state every time you listen to English?

Here’s my recommendation:

1. Find some exciting, energetic music that you LOVE.

2. Before you start listening to your English lesson, play the music.

3. As this exciting music plays, raise your head.  Look up.

Change your body.  Pull your shoulders back.  Stand tall.

Then smile… smile a big smile.

Take deep breaths.

4. Next, move your body.  Dance with the music.  Keep looking up.  Keep smiling.  Jump and dance.  Lift your arms over your head as you jump and dance and smile.   Feel the happiness and energy from the music.

5. Stop and say loudly, “Yes!”.  Say it again, “Yes!”.  One more time, “Yes!”

6. Now play your English lesson.  As you listen, keep your shoulders back. Keep your eyes up.  Keep smiling.  In fact, stand up and keep moving.  Walk and breathe deeply as you listen to the lesson.

7. When you listen to the Mini-Story lessons, answer each question loudly.  Don’t be shy.  Shout your answer! Keep your head and eyes up.  Keep a big smile on your face as you answer with a loud voice.

8.  If you begin to feel tired or bored at any time, pause the lesson.  Play your favorite music again and repeat all of these steps.  Add more energy to your body and your emotions.  Then play the lesson again.

By managing your emotions in this way, you will study longer, you will remember more, and you will learn 2-4 times faster.

You’ll also teach yourself to be strong and confident when you speak English.

Always be in a peak emotional state when you listen to my lessons and you will always learn faster.

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