English Club

Learn English online.  Join a fun, international club of English learners. Learn to write English by reading and communicating naturally. Join our Power English Club.

Power English is more than a great lesson pack.  It is also a club, a community– a family of English learners.

Let’s be honest- language learning is a long process, and sometimes it feels lonely.  You need friends, coaches, and helpers to encourage you.

That’s why an English club is so important.  An English club is your support system.

When you feel tired, they energize you.  When you feel discouraged, they encourage you.  When you have questions, they give you answers.

When choosing an English club, however, its very important to find very positive members.  Unfortunately, some clubs & forums are filled with very negative people.

For example, my wife Tomoe (who is Japanese) recently posted her introduction on an English community forum.   The next day, some guy responded to her by correcting all her “mistakes”.   He was cold, unfriendly, and condescending.

You don’t want that kind of club!

What you want are extremely positive, enthusiastic, friendly people.  You want an English learning family that will always encourage you.

Our Power English Club is exactly that.  We are very blessed with many wonderful people.  Our members are absolutely fantastic.  They are intelligent, extremely warm and friendly, and very positive.

In our Club, we simply do not tolerate negativity. We don’t tolerate insults or personal attacks or criticism of other members.

Our members will always make you feel welcome.

So please, whether you join our Club or another– be sure to find an English learning family that is positive, friendly, and warm…  and enjoy your English learning!