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Creating English Learning Communities

Posted in International Friendship on May 6 by AJ

We are currently preparing for our next seminar in San Francisco- on May 30th.   If you want to learn English in San Francisco, register for our San Francisco email list.

Why are we doing seminars?

To be honest, the seminars are not a good business.   Yet I feel they are extremely important for several reasons:

1.  Building English Learning Communities

Community is very important.  That’s why we have our community forum for our members.   This international forum is a place where we can make new friends and support each other.  The forums are great and they have inspired me to do even more to help Effortless English learners connect with each other.  Seminars give us a reason to join together, face to face, in a very exciting learning environment.   While our English lessons are very powerful, nothing compares to attending a live seminar.  The energy is incredible!  By doing seminars every year in the same cities, we hope to help our members connect with each other.   We hope you will make friends and will continue to support each other all year long.

2.  Intense Learning

As I mentioned above, nothing compares to a live seminar.  If you think the audio lessons are energetic, wait until you attend a seminar!  It’s an amazing learning experience.   In fact, that is my number one goal for each seminar– to create an outstanding English learning experience for you.   Sadly, most English students have very negative emotions about English classes.  This is because they have attended extremely boring classes all their lives.   The unfortunate truth is that most English teachers are incredibly boring, as are most lessons and most schools.   The seminars are designed to DESTROY your negative feelings about English and make you excited and confident about learning!  I promise- you have never experienced an English class like this!

3. My Own Motivation

I love the Effortless English website and forums.  But to be honest, I need face to face contact with students to keep my own motivation high.   Teachers struggle with motivation as much as students do.   To be great teachers, we must have incredible enthusiasm!   What gives me energy and enthusiasm is seeing the faces of my students as they learn.  Your happiness and your success give me the motivation I need.   That’s why I love reading your success stories– and why I love the seminars.   The seminars make me a better teacher because your energy inspires me to constantly improve.  I need the seminars as much as you do!

And so, even though this is not yet a good business for us, we will continue to grow our seminars.   The May 30th San Francisco seminar will be a small “warm-up”.   After that, we will be scheduling another one in San Francisco later in the summer– which will be much bigger.   We are also planning seminars for Georgia (USA), Osaka, and Bangkok during the next 12 months…  and possibly one in Europe as well.

At the moment, we are working to expand the content of the seminars and to develop the seminar business so that it at least breaks even (so that all seminar expenses are paid for by the registration fees).   One day, we dream of doing huge, super-exciting, multi-day seminars in 5-6 cities around the world every year.

We hope to see you at one soon!

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