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San Francisco English Class Coming

Posted in Blog, Effortless English Show on April 28 by AJ

You can soon learn English in San Francisco from me directly!  We are finishing the details for our first San Francisco English Speaking Breakthrough Seminar.  Wear comfortable shoes and be ready to experience the most interesting and fun English class you have ever had.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have even more good news.  As a special opportunity ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ATTEND THE SEMINAR,  we will be starting an Effortless English evening class.  The class will meet once a week in San Francisco.  To register for the class, you must first complete one of our seminars.

The class will run during most of the summer.  We have not decided the details yet.  Most likely, the class location will be somewhere in The Mission.  If that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably try to find something downtown. In either case, Ill be looking for locations near a BART station- to make transportation easy.

I have not decided on the cost of the class either– it will depend on how much it costs me to rent a room every week.

We’ll announce more details about the class at the May 30th seminar!

See you in San Francisco!

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