Don’t Compare Yourself To Others | English with Tom Shillue

Learn English with Tom Shillue.  Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.  Do you compare yourself to other English speakers?  Do you feel bad because your English is not as good?  Do you feel frustrated that so many other people speak better than you do?   Do your friends laugh at your bad English?  Did you get bad grades in English class?

In this Effortless English Show, we discuss the disease of comparing yourself to others.  AJ teaches you why this is a big mistake and how to correct it.  AJ also plays a video from Tom Shillue.  He teaches you vocabulary from the video.  AJ then gives you advice for having more success with English.  He also gives you advice for enjoying English more!

Finally, AJ answers a question from a listener:  how should you use the podcast?  Should you listen to the same episode many times?  How should you combine a Course with the podcast?  AJ answers these questions and gives you an easy English learning plan to follow.



Click here to download a free PDF of the text transcript.