How To Create Genius

How to create genius? You can become a genius.  Make your child a genius.  You can create genius!  Many people think that genius is genetic– that you are born a genius.  This is wrong.  Genius can be made!

In this Effortless English Show, John Taylor Gatto and AJ Hoge tell you how to create genius and how to become a genius.  This is a powerful show for parents and for all adults.  John Taylor Gatto is the author of “Dumbing Us Down”.  He is one of the most famous education thinkers in the world.  In this conversation, he tells you the problem with modern schools and how to solve them.  He talks about the secret to creating genius, and uses Richard Branson as an example of a business genius.

AJ Hoge, host of the Effortless English Show, teaches you the vocabulary from this interview.  He then adds to the discussion of genius creation, telling you exactly what to do.  You can become a genius at any age.  And you can make your children into geniuses too!

Schools are the enemy of genius.  The modern school system is designed to create mediocre weak people.  To create a genius or become one, you must go against the schools.  This is vitally important for you and for your children.



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