Learn English with Anthony Cumia and Gavin McInnis

Learn English with Anthony Cumia in this Effortless English Show.  Host AJ Hoge teaches you vocabulary from a conversation between Anthony Cumia and Gavin McInnis.  Anthony Cumia was the host of the popular Opie and Anthony radio show in New York.  He now has his own podcast.  You will learn several words and phrases from this real English conversation.   To help you better understand, AJ also explains the general meaning of the discussion.

This discussion is about free speech in the USA.  Anthony and Gavin talk about the 1st Amendment of the USA and why it is so important.  They discuss the threats to freedom of speech and why it’s so important to defend this right.  AJ joins in the discussion to teach you about the current situation in America and why it has become so dangerous.  Learn real vocabulary and enjoy this important discussion at the same time.



Click here to download a free PDF of the text transcript.