Attitude Of Gratitude | The Effortless English Show

Sometimes when we learn a new skill we get frustrated and stressed when we are not better than other people who have been practicing that skill for a very long time. I know you experience that type of frustration when learning how to speak English. You want to speak English fluently without any mistakes. You want your English grammar to be better. Maybe you feel frustrated because you notice all your mistakes. I have had those type of experiences many times. Not with English speaking but with learning other skills. In this post, I share a fun story about my experience learning how to kite surf. Kite surfing is a type of surfing on the ocean with a big parachute tied to the board. It takes a lot of skill to be the type of kite surfer who does big flips in the air and can ride big waves. I’m not one of those kite surfers but once I took the time to appreciate my kite surfing skills and appreciate how much fun I was having, I stopped feeling frustrated! When we practice an attitude of gratitude we can appreciate how much progress we have made when learning a new skill be it kite boarding, surfing or even learning how to speak English fluently!


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