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How To Speak English Fluently

To speak English fluently, it goes without saying that you must understand speech instantly and speak without thinking.

This requires following the 7 rules of ‘Excellent English Speaking’ when you learn. When you use all 7 rules, your English speaking improves.

However, there is one more requirement – just one more thing you need – in order to speak English fluently: you must have confidence.

That’s right, emotion is critically important for fluent speech. It’s not enough to “know what to say,” you also need to “say what you know.” In other words, you must have the confidence to use your knowledge without hesitation.

Many English students speak badly, not because they lack vocabulary or understanding but because they are nervous, worried, and afraid of appearing foolish. This fear of making mistakes and the fear of other people’s opinions destroys their fluency.

Therefore, you must train yourself in this area. That’s why, in addition to studying English vocabulary, listening, and speaking, you must also study your own psychology. You must learn how to manage your emotions. You must learn how to develop inner strength and confidence.

In my new Power English lessons, I teach you exactly how to develop that confidence. I teach you specific techniques to change your emotions so you immediately feel stronger when speaking English. Using these techniques, you will speak faster, more clearly, and more comfortably — right now! You will use the English you already know but much more quickly and automatically.

When you come to my seminars, you will learn these same techniques and you will use them. You will directly experience the power of developing confidence in your English speaking.

After just 5 hours, most of my seminar students show improvement in their English speaking. They speak more quickly and more clearly. How? Mostly by changing their feelings and beliefs – by developing a strong confidence in their English speaking ability.

This is one of the vital benefits of Power English. Power English is a complete English learning system and one that includes the very best teaching methods plus powerful psychological techniques that increase your confidence and motivation.

By using all parts of the system, and by using the lessons exactly as I recommend, you will improve your English speaking fluency very quickly.

Develop your confidence, develop your motivation, and develop your fluent English speaking.

Speak English Fluently

Ready to learn how to speak English fluently?

AJ Hoge is the “World’s #1 English Teacher.” He answers students’ questions about how to learn English faster, improve pronunciation, become a fluent speaker, improve writing skills, and much more.

AJ teaches you how to speak English fluently.

In this video, he also talks about the Effortless English Pronunciation Course (for American pronunciation).

American English Pronunciation

The new Pronunciation Course teaches you how to speak with a clear American accent, showing you how to be understood by everyone.

Rule 5 for Fluent English – Use Point-of-View Stories

Of course, we need to use English grammar correctly when we speak, but you don’t learn it from studying English grammar rules or memorizing a bunch of rules in an English textbook. Instead, the rule is this – use point-of-view stories.

What’s a point-of-view story?

It’s a method, a technique, for learning English grammar or, perhaps more specifically, for learning how English grammar features in speech.

Effortless English Presentations

In this video, AJ also discusses his upcoming book about making great presentations and speeches in English.

Speaking fluently while making a presentation is difficult. So how do you overcome nervousness? Find out how below.

Finally, AJ discusses the Effortless English VIP Program — his top English learning program that’s designed for very motivated English learners.

How Long Will It Take for You to Speak English Fluently?

When can you expect to be speaking English fluently? What is your definition of fluency and when do you want it?

These are common questions and the answers depend on a number of factors.

You have a lot of control over how fast you speak English fluently and what level you achieve with your speaking.

In this video, I discuss the topic more:

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