How To Speak English Fluently

Speak English Fluently

How to speak English fluently? AJ Hoge is the “World’s #1 English Teacher”.  He answers student questions about learning English faster, improving pronunciation, becoming a fluent speaker, improving writing, and more. AJ teaches you how to speak English fluently.  In this video, he also talks about the Effortless English Pronunciation Course (for American pronunciation).

American English Pronunciation

The new Pronunciation Course teaches you to speak with a clear American accent.  You learn how to be understood by everyone.

Effortless English Presentations

In this video, AJ also talks about his upcoming book about making great Presentations and Speeches in English too.  Speaking fluently while making a presentation is difficult.  How do you overcome nervousness?

Finally, AJ discusses the Effortless English VIP program— his top English learning program.  This program is for very motivated English learners.  It is the top Effortless English program.