Learn English with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Learn English from Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Arnold is one of the most famous non-native English speakers in the world.  What can you learn from Arnold’s English?  What are the good and weak points of his speaking?  AJ Hoge, “The World’s #1 English teacher”, analyzes Schwarzenegger’s English and gives you tips for improving your own speaking!  He discusses Arnold’s accent and how it has improved over the years.  AJ also discusses Arnold’s famous confidence, and how that helps him be a better English speaker.

Also in this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you vocabulary from a sample Effortless English lesson about Napoleon Hill.  Napoleon Hill was the famous author of “Think And Grow Rich”.   AJ reads a small section from the book, and teaches you the vocabulary.  He also teaches you one of Hill’s powerful techniques for becoming rich. This is a sample from one of AJ’s VIP lessons.

Finally, AJ answers a listener’s Twitter question about the TOEFL exam.  What TOEFL course does AJ recommend? Enjoy this new Effortless English Podcast!



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