Parents Teach Your Children

Parents teach children English better than schools.  You are the very best teacher for your children.  Many parents send their child to school.  They believe that school is a better education.  This is a lie.  School is a lie.  In this Show, AJ tells you the hard truth about schools.  He tells you why you must each your own children.    AJ shares the ugly truth about schools and classes, and why they are no good for your kids.  Parents teach your children.  Teach them English.  Teach them everything.  You and only you can teach them best.

In a school, your child rarely gets individual attention.  Rather, most time in school is wasted with “busy work”.  Children waste time doing worksheets.  Teachers focus more on discipline problems than on teaching.  The methods used in schools are terrible and ineffective.  As a result, school classes are mostly a waste of time.

At home, you will give your children individual attention.  Because of this, they will learn much faster.  They will improve faster.  They will develop new skills.  And they will enjoy learning more.  School is a lie.  Parents teach children better than schools.  Parents teach English better, and they teach all other subjects better too.



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