How To Teach Children English

Teach children English using these simple techniques.  Your children can learn English very quickly.  They can learn to speak English fluently.  And YOU are the very best English teacher for them!   In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you how to teach English to your children.  He tells you to avoid the usual school activities.  Instead, you will use these simple Effortless English techniques to help your children learn quickly.  Your children will enjoy these techniques.  They’ll learn to understand and speak.  They will also learn to enjoy English.  Your kids will become lifelong English learners and excellent speakers.

All shows now have free text transcripts.  Download the Text Guide below to learn all of the vocabulary in this video.  The Text Guide helps you understand everything AJ is saying.

Also, use the techniques that AJ teaches in this video.  Remember to always have an attitude of fun and play when you teach children English.  The most important thing you can do for them is to help them love English.  The more they love English, the more they will want to learn.  You will help your children become fluent English speakers.  English classes in school will be super easy for them.  English tests will be super easy for them.  This is a lifelong gift you are giving your children.   So many children suffer in English classes and never learn to speak well.

By using these methods, you will give your children a big advantage.  They will be far advanced with English compared to most other children.  And they will learn to speak English fluently and naturally, while actually thinking in English.

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