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Learn English Online With Powerful Internet Tools

The web now has everything you need to learn English online- you can buy English lessons, find a private teacher, use a translation dictionary, save and review new words, improve your English grammar, and chat with other English students- all online.

Learn English Online With The Following Tools

Download MP3 English Lessons From The Internet

Your first step is to find top quality English lessons online.  You want lessons for speaking English, not grammar or reading lessons.

I confidently recommend my own Power English Lessons.  They are designed to improve your English speaking and listening.  The lessons, like most online lessons, are mp3 files.

MP3 lessons have several advantages.  Perhaps the best advantage is that you download them immediately. No waiting for the mail– you get them instantly.  Another advantage is that they are portable– simply put the lessons on your iPod or MP3 Player and you can learn English anywhere, anytime. Finally, audio lessons in general are much more effective than written textbooks.

Get An Online English Teacher

No need to pay for an expensive tutor or English school.  You can now find English teachers online!  Most online teachers use Skype or other voice chat programs which make it easy to talk to anyone in the world for free.  Thus, you can easily find a native speaker teacher- no matter where you live.  Some teachers use video chat– even better!

While there are many good sources for online English teachers, I recommend Lingq.  In my opinion, they are the best.  I used to work with them and thus I feel very comfortable recommending them.

Online English Dictionary & Word Saver

As you use your English lessons, you’ll sometimes want to look up new words in a dictionary or find a translation in your language.   Online dictionaries are simply great– much faster than text.

In addition to a dictionary, you also want to save your new words and review them.  Ideally, you should use a service that combines a dictionary with a save & review feature.  There are many.

One very popular online memory tool is Supermemo.  Supermemo is designed to review vocabulary in a scientific way- so you remember words forever.   Get supermemo at: Supermemo.com A lot of students love supermemo and say it speeds their language learning considerably.

You can also use Lingq– they have a free dictionary and word saver on their site- so you can use this and find a teacher with them as well.

Find An Online Learning Community

The English language is for communication, not study.  So its absolutely necessary that you connect with other people and communicate.   Connecting with other students is a perfect way to start– you are all learning, so no one cares if you make mistakes.

A community also gives you support and encouragement.  You’ll get great ideas from other learners.  You’ll also make new friends from all over the world.

The best way to find a community is to join an English Club’s Forums.  When you get my lessons, for example, you automatically become a member of the Power English Club Forums.  You meet other students who are learning with the same lessons.  You can ask questions.  You make new friends. You get advice, support, and encouragement.

This is a very important part of online learning.

Chat With Other Students Online

After a few months of listening to my lessons and communicating on the Forums, you’ll be ready to speak English and practice what you have learned.   Technology now makes it possible for you to connect with people in every country in the world.

How do you do it?  The easiest way is to use Skype and chat with other members on the Forums.  Just schedule a time with another member and chat as long as you want.  Its a great way to practice English and make friends.

Another great place to find English chat partners is KanTalk– an internet chat community for students.

Learning English Online- The Future Is Here

You no longer need to attend boring and expensive schools.  You no longer need to read boring English textbooks.

The internet has opened a whole new world of English learning.  Its now possible to create your own English education– with powerful internet tools that are much more effective than traditional schools.

Join the online English revolution and improve your English speaking fast!

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