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Below are a variety of materials and free samples for the media.

Info-graphics Summarizing the Power English System

The 7 Rules for Excellent English Speaking

The 7 Rules are the foundation of the Power English System.  Each link below leads to a page with a video and a text download.

Speech About English Education (Audio & Text)

When you click the link below you go to a page with an audio player where you can listen to the speech.  You can also download the text of the speech on that page:

Sample Lesson Set (VIP Program)

These sample lessons include a video (.mov Quicktime file), several audios (.mp3), and a text transcript (.pdf).

Simply click the links below to download to your computer. Then watch the video and listen to the audios on your computer, iPod, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. Usable on any media device that plays .mov or .mp3 files. Print and use the text to find words you have difficulty understanding.

Live Seminars and Classes (One Sheet)

Photos of A.J.

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