Speak English with Movies

Speak English with movies using these powerful techniques.  Movies can help you speak English powerfully.  Movies can help you overcome nervousness and shyness.  Movies can help you achieve your biggest dreams.  To do this, you must use special kinds of movies.  In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you exactly which movies to use.  He tells you how to use movies to reach your goals.  You learn exact specific techniques for greater speaking confidence.

As usual, you also learn new English vocabulary words.  Listening to the show everyday, you improve your listening and speaking.

The movies you learn in this Show are not Hollywood movies.  You can use the Effortless English movie technique to learn from Hollywood movies.  However, there is another kind of movie that is much more powerful.  These are the movies you learn about in this Show.   Use these movies to become the hero of your own life.  Use these movies to be successful and happy.  Use these movies to help yourself and your family.



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