Learn Real English Conversations

Learn real English conversations today.  Here is a real conversation about the weather, between AJ Hoge and his Mom. You learn an idiom in the conversation.  You also learn why casual conversation is much different than school English.  You learned school English.  You learned textbook English.  This is why you can’t understand real conversations.  This is why you can’t understand American TV and movies.  School English is not real English.  School English is really formal written English.  That is not how we speak in the real world!

Effortless English is a real English system.  You learn real conversational English, not textbook English.  In this Show, AJ talks about the importance of real English.  He reads a short section from his book.  He then plays a real conversation with his Mom, talking about a recent snow storm in America.

Finally, AJ answers Twitter questions about American versus British English.  Which is better to learn?  Which is most useful?  Which accent is better?  AJ tells you!



Click here to download a free PDF of the text transcript.